• 100% gastight due to inflatable sealing.

  • Even with floor and wall irregularities it remains 100% gastight after years of use.

  • No vaseline or sealant required for sealing.

  • Opening and gastight sealing in seconds.

  • Seamless door leaf.

  • Door leaf and frame fully thermal bridge-free.

  • Lightweight owing to the use of high quality polyester (available in various colours).

  • Deliverable in kit form.

  • Various designs: horizontal, vertical and
    hinged doors.

  • 35 years worldwide experience.

Storage in Controlled Atmosphere

At the beginning of the 1980’s, the ULO/CA-storage of fruit commenced and the demand for gastight doors arose. For this, Salco developed a gastight refrigeration door with the unique, patented inflatable sealing system.

ULO stands for Ultra Low Oxygen and CA stands for Controlled Atmosphere. With this storage method, an atmosphere with low oxygen content (sometimes lower than 1%), an increased CO2 content, and a temperature and air humidity that depends on the product is created in a gastight refrigeration room. Through this, the ripening is slowed down, as a result of which the storage life is extended. Among other things, Controlled Atmosphere is applied to:

  • Long-term storage of fruit

  • Storage of vegetables (cabbage) and bulbs

  • Controlling insects in cocoa, rice, tobacco, archives and conservation in museums

  • Fire prevention

Our doors are in various designs also used for the sealing of biogas tunnels.  Storage and/or treatment takes place in gastight spaces.  The door constitutes a critical component in relation to this.

Prominent in CA doors world-wide

In 35 years, Salco has developed into a well-known name in various industries at home and abroad, in which the fruit industry is our most important export market. We work together with a network of distributors throughout the world. Specialised businesses that know the local market and dispose of an own organisation with sales, installation and service.

The why and wherefore of Salco CA doors

Salco's gastight doors are provided with a unique inflatable seal that guarantees 100% gastightness.  This seal consists of two parts an inflatable, continuous inner tube and a protective, flexible sealing rubber on the outside that presses against the floor and the door frame by pumping up the tube. In this manner, a first-rate seal is created that is unequalled all over the world.

Owing to its air pressure and flexibility, the sealing rubber follows any possible irregularities in the floor and the wall.  Even changes in the floor as a result of driving in and out are intercepted well.  Extra security and still 100% sealed after years of operation.

The seal is not created by squeezing the door shut by great force (as a result of which wear and leakage will soon develop), but by means of steady air pressure in the sealing system. In this manner, point concentrated loads are avoided and the gastightness is ensured for a long time. No vaseline or sealant is necessary for gastight sealing, not even after years of use. Because of this, the room can be opened and sealed gastight in seconds and everything stays clean.

For checking, the air pressure of the seal is readable on the integrated pressure gauge. The 4” thick door is lightweight owing to the use of high quality, seamless polyester, and available in several colours. The door frame and framing are completely free of thermal bridges and executed in anodized aluminum. The doors are available in a horizontal and a vertical design, and as a hinged door.

CA Door KHG-0810 (Horizontal)

The horizontal design is provided with an anodized aluminum drop/lift-rail system with an integrated finishing cover. In addition to manual controls, the door can also be provided with electrical controls.

CA Door KHG-0810V (Vertical)

The horizontal design is provided with an anodized aluminum drop/lift-rail system with an integrated finishing cover. In addition to manual controls, the door can also be provided with electrical controls.

Construction Kit for CA Door KHG-0810

Salco supplies gastight doors as a construction kit especially for export. The construction kit is made completely to measure, with or without polyester panels for the door leaf.


  • Favourable prices

  • Lower import duties

  • Uncomplicated transport

  • Lower transport costs owing to reduced volume

  • Possibility to apply a local 4” sandwich panel

  • Assembly against local labour costs

  • Large dimensions possible

Obviously, the construction kits will be provided with detailed installation drawings, assembly and construction manuals.

CA hinged door KDG-1010

Specially developed for small, narrow CA refrigeration cells from which small batches are taken regularly. By using a hinged door the room width is completely accessible. The door is lightweight, can be opened and closed quickly and it is provided with a drop/lift hinge. Due to this, by pulling up the handle the door is pushed upwards several millimeters so that wear of the bottom rubber is avoided. The ideal solution for gastight storage refrigeration rooms for berries, cherries and other small fruit.

Operational possibilities

In addition to manual controls, the doors can also be provided with electrical controls. This provides considerable energy saving and increased efciency. At the same time, the doors can be provided with pull switches or remote controls with manual or fork-lift truck transmitters so that the fork-lift trucks can be on their way swiftly.

  • In compliance with the CE standard

  • Soft start/soft stop (frequency adjusted)

  • Simple to read out

  • Opening speed horizontal max. 3 ft/sec (single leaf), max. 6 ft/sec (double
    door), vertical max. 8 in/sec up to extremely fast

  • Potential-free contact(s) for, for instance, open/closed position, switching
    on/off of the lighting or refrigeration plant

  • Also available with automatic closure, half open position, radar etc.

USA Built, Installed & Serviced

SalcoUSA gastight doors are made in the USA by our own staff. The same people who build your doors are the people who install them, insuring that we can guarantee a high-quality product for the life of the door. Safe, reliable, user-friendly, and built to last.  You can also count on us after the installation of our doors. Our knowledgeable staff is available at any time to assist with use, malfunctions, and/or damage. Should on-site service be required, SalcoUSA has built a reputation for being fast, competent, and efficient.

Technical specifications CA door rtpe KHG-0810 (horizontal) and KHG-0810V (vertical)

Construction : door leaf constructed of a core of insulation material, covered on both sides with 1.5mm impactresistantglass-bre reinforced foodsafe polyester.
Thickness door leaf : 4”
R-value : R-33
Framing : anodized aluminium proles, thermal bridge-free.
Colour of door leaf : standard colour RAL 9016 (white). For a small additional price: RAL 9001 (creamy white), RAL 6010(green) of RAL 5005 (blue).
Sealing : 100% gas-tight by means of inatable proles.
Door frame : anodized aluminium proles with a complete thermal bridge-free t to the wall.
Rail system : anodized aluminium drop/lift rail system type SRA with dust cap (horizontal), galvanized and powdercoated guiding system (vertical).
Operation : manually operated (horizontal), chain operated (vertical). Electrical operation at additional price.
Locks : not included. Available at additional price.
Additional options : bumper, threshold, nish of the clear opening, CA window, rain cap and more.

Technical Specifications CA hinged door type KDG-1010

Construction and options are the same as the above-mentioned CA door type KHG-0810(V), with the following exceptions:

Hinges : block hinges and a Salco patented ‘drop/lift’ hinge that raises the door a few millimetres. Wear and tearof the rubber bottom sealing, due to opening and closing, is therefore prevented.
Handles/bars : three rotation bars included. Internal handle excluded.

The CA hinged door is not available in kit form.

Technical specifications CA control window and CA windowed escape hatch

Construction : synthetic hinged window and frame manufactured from impact-resistant PVC.
Measurements : control window 22”x32” (wxh) for building into ceiling, door leaf or panel wall. Windowed escape hatch28”x32” (wxh) for building into door leaf or panel wall.
R-value : R-5
PVC colour : similar to RAL 9010 (white).
Glazing : gas lled HR ++ insulation glass. Insulation glass according to NEN 2608. Control window constructedfrom single-layered safety glass 3-3-1.
Sealing : double sealing by means of rubber proles.
Opening direction : right opening (seen from outside).
Window frame : contra window frame for building into max. 4” and 8”.
Closure : handle with multi-point closure.
Lock : by means of a cylinder lock in the handle (control window) or padlock provision (windowed escape hatch).
Emergency release : on the inside (only with windowed escape hatch).